FAQ Best Devices / Toplists

Do you take legal responsibilities for the data displayed on the toplist?


What kind of devices are candidates for the toplist?

All devices which match the following criteria will appear in the toplist:

  • The device name has been successfully automatically collected from a compatibility supplier list (e.g. CyanogenMod)
  • The device has a price in your local country which was found by our crawlers.
  • Hardware info has been successfully manually entered into our database by an admin. This may take some time.
  • The hardware of the device matches the criteria for a place in the toplist.
  • An update of the corresponding toplist was performed. (Usually twice a day)
  • (no other errors occured)

Multiple devices share the same place. Why?

All devices meet the given criteria. We do not want to discriminate against devices for fake reasons in order to get a "good looking" the-top-10-devices toplist.

Does the order of devices on a single place have a special meaning?

No. It could be randomed with every refresh but for usability reasons (you can detect changes more easily) it is not. (The existing order is based on the order in our database which is loosely based on the first time the device was recognized by our crawler.)

How often is the toplist updated?

Usually twice a day. You can see the date and time right below the heading of the toplist page.
Please note:
The toplist is update is performed with data from our database (see above). This data is not necessarily up-to-date or correct.

I work for company XY. Can I improve the ranking of our product ZY?

No. This website is a tool for users who like to have more/full control over the hardware they paid good money for. If there is some money made over user buying commissions, fine. (The website you see here is the product of several months of (technically) high-cost programming) But our integrity is our main asset. If you want to improve your ranking, sell better hardware. Use open drivers. Give users full control over their hardware.

Your criteria are bad / There is a mistake / How about feature XY?

Please tell us! There should be a feedback link on the bottom of this page.